Legacy to Cloud Digital Transformation Through AI and RPA

From banks to insurance corporations, educational institutions to government departments, all are painfully aware of the limitations inherent in legacy systems. Workarounds are common place with ensuing security risks, which slows down digital transformation to the cloud and creates negative implications for the competitiveness of your business and its long term future. Now you can do something about it. Phoenix A.I. is a next generation RPA based platform incorporating its own “digital workforce” that uniquely incorporates a cognitive AI layer that can investigate and “make decisions”, and in addition has an inbuilt security layer. Phoenix AI can analyse the internal processes of your legacy system irrespective of language or platform, isolating the true core crucial processes that drive your system and eliminates redundancy.

Phoenix AI is the key that liberates your organisation from software or hardware vendor lock-in, opens the door to easy cloud solutions adoption, and provides significant cost savings with substantial reduction in end to end delivery time for the customer.

  • Step 1: Choose a bot

    If you are looking for a website health check bot,choose 'Website Check Bot' which is really available in the bot market.

  • Step 2: Configure the bot

    Login and select 'setting' in the bots page.

  • Step 3: Let your bot do the work

    Your bot will do the job for you. Report will be available for you.

  • Step 4: Phoenix AI will learn how the system works

    Phoenix AI unique process mapping and analysis tool builds how the system works. It would take 10 developers 6 months to replicate what Phoenix-AI can do in one week.