Not enough?

Free for personal and commercial use

Our license is user-friendly. Feel free to use MDB for both private as well as commercial projects.

600+ script

These collection of scripts would take a life time to learn, but our bot will put them in action for you at your command.

54+ pre-built Bot

Dozens of useful, scalable, vector bots at your disposal.

Automation at your finger tips

It doesn't matter whether your project will be displayed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Phoenix will automate the tasks for you.

MDB Magazine Template displayed on iPhone
Schedule tasks when and how you want them to run

Neat and easy to use automation, which will increase the interactivity of your projects.

Plenty of useful scripts

Need inspiration? Use one of our predefined bots.

Easy installation

No need to install anything on your device.

Easy to use and customize

Using Phoenix is straightforward and pleasant. Bot's flexibility allows you deep customization. You will easily adjust each bot to suit your needs.

...and even more

Cross-browser compatibility

Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge - MDB loves all browsers; all browsers love MDB.

Frequent updates

Phoenix becomes better every month. We love the project and enhance as much as possible.

Active community

Our society grows day by day. Visit our forum and check how it is to be a part of our family.

Use the bot to learn about your system

You can deploy Phoenix to lean how your system is working, no need to go on endless meetings.


Phoenix is designed to be moduler. Each module will resolve dependencies without search internet for solutions

Technical support

We care about reliability. If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us.

Simple or Complex

Phoenix can deliver simple tasks like website testing to complex tasks like legacy system transformation.

Email results

Simple and easy to use interface to train bot to send you regular updates.